As established in Article V of the Menominee Tribal Constitution, the Judiciary is vested with all judicial powers of the Tribe including the following powers: to resolve controversies between and among persons where such controversies arise under this Constitution and Bylaws, tribal ordinances, the Constitution and laws of the United States, or the Constitution and laws of any state or Indian Tribe, and to decide cases in which a person is accused by the Tribe of committing an offense against the laws of the Tribe.
The powers granted to the Tribal Judiciary by this Section include such judicial powers as may in the future be restored or granted to the Tribe by any law of the United States, or other authority. Decisions of the Tribal Judiciary shall be binding upon all persons within the jurisdiction of the Tribe. The Supreme Court of the Tribe shall be the final and supreme interpreter of this Constitution and Bylaws, and all tribal ordinances. However, the Tribal Judiciary shall exercise its powers consistent with the limitations imposed by this Constitution and Bylaws.
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