The Menominee Tribal Courts is a court of general jurisdiction with appellate review operating under the authority of the Menominee Tribal Constitution and By-laws as a separate and equal branch of the Tribal Government. The Menominee Tribal Courts provide judicial services to the Menominee Indian Reservation.
Lay Advocacy Program

Are you interested in practicing law but not interested in going back to school?? The Menominee Tribal Court is looking for a few talented individuals to engage in the practice of law. To learn more about this opportunity, view the file below and fill out the application that is attached to it. Submit it along with a writing sample by March 1st, 2019.

Lay Advocacy Program Details and Information

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Case Types
Child Support
Motor Vehicle
Name Change
Restraining Orders
Small Claims

Amendment to the Rules of Criminal Procedure

Approved Penalty for OWI

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Recognition of Foreign Judgment (1/30/2014)
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